Traveling from Trat Airport to Koh Mak.

Traveling from Trat Airport to Koh Mak is a seamless and scenic journey, offering a blend of convenience and adventure. Due to Trat Airport being on the mainland, travellers must first use transportation to reach the pier before taking a boat to Koh Mak. Nowadays, there are two piers on the mainland serving Koh Mak: Laem Sok Pier and Laem Ngob Pier. Therefore, you don’t need to worry if some operators take you to Laem Sok Pier instead of Laem Ngob Pier, which is traditionally the main pier to Koh Mak.

Whether you opt for a shared minibus transfer service that includes a boat ticket or prefer the flexibility of booking a private minibus and separate boat transfer, both options ensure a smooth and timely arrival on this beautiful island. With proper planning and the right choice of service, your trip to Koh Mak promises to be a hassle-free and enjoyable experience.

1. Shared Minibus Transfer Service (Ticket includes boat transfer):

  • This service combines both the minibus transfer from Trat Airport to Laem Sok Pier and the boat transfer to Koh Mak in one ticket.
  • It is convenient and often more economical. The service is timed to ensure you make your boat connection without delay.

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2. Private Minibus and Separate Boat Transfer Ticket:

  • You can book a private minibus from Trat Airport to Laem Sok Pier and purchase the boat transfer ticket to Koh Mak separately.
  • This option offers flexibility in scheduling and privacy, ideal for those who prefer a more personalized travel experience.

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Suggestion: You should book flight PG305 to fit with the boat timetable to Koh Mak, as the drive from Trat Airport to the pier usually takes about 1 hour. If you book flight PG307, it will be too late, and you will need to stay overnight in Trat and take a boat the next day, or rent a private speedboat to get to Koh Mak.

Both options are reliable and ensure timely arrival at Koh Mak. Booking in advance is recommended, especially during peak travel seasons, to secure your preferred service and schedule.

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